08 March 2008

Installing Ultima Online in Xubuntu 6.06 (Part 2)

If you recall from the previous posting, I was unable to get UO to install in Xubuntu 6.06 because of some errors with wine. I knew I had an older version of wine, but since according to the applications database others had gotten it to work on the old version I went ahead with it. As I suspected the older version was the problem. Regarding the wine part of the UO installation process, read this post to learn how to install the latest stable wine for 6.06 (as of this post it was 0.9.53) - skip the 'upgrade' part if you want to keep Xubuntu 6.06 in this case.

If you have wine installed already and your UO installer file is saved within your .wine directory, you may want to move it to your home directory before you uninstall wine. I'm not sure if it would delete it or not, but I moved it just to be safe.

In case the post moves I will reiterate it below. Open a terminal and type:
  • sudo apt-get remove wine
  • sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list
Assuming you are using 6.06, add the following to the bottom of the sources.list file and save it:
Now type:
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install wine
Now that a newer wine is installed we can move onto installing UO for real. Move to the directory that contains the installer file and in a terminal window type:
  • wine UOML_setup.exe
For me including sudo had ownership issues, so leave it out this time. Now follow the on screen instructions and UO should install successfully. This time, the output of the terminal during install gave the same type of 'fixme' outputs, but it worked this time, so /shrug. Once it is installed you can move to the directory you installed it to and type
  • wine UO.exe
That will run the patcher and then the client to play the game.

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